Human Tissue Authority

The regulator for human tissue and organs

Committees and working groups

The HTA was established on 1 April 2005 under the Human Tissue Act 2004 (HT Act) which extends to England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) is an Executive Non-Departmental Public Body (ENDPB) sponsored by the Department of Health and as such has a framework agreement (PDF). The Authority’s Chair and nine Members were appointed by the Secretary of State for Health one member who has been appointed by the Welsh Government and one member who has been appointed by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety in Northern Ireland. The Chair and nine members are lay and the remaining two are professionals drawn from some of the groups with a direct interest in the application of the HT Act. The Authority is supported by an Executive of 47 staff. 

The HTA has three statutory committees which oversee its work; the Authority Board, the Audit and Risk and Assurance Committee and the Remuneration Committee. The HTA publishes standing orders for its Committees here.

The HTA also convenes three groups that support our work; Stakeholder Group, Histopathology Working Group and Transplantation Advisory Group. A mixture of HTA Executive staff, Authority Members and stakeholders sit on these groups (information and papers for each of these meetings can be found in the menu above).

Last updated on: 20 Oct 2020