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Social media guidelines for anatomists – how they came about and how they link to the HTA

Catherine Hennessy, Anatomy Teaching Fellow at Brighton and Sussex Medical School, reflects on the use of social media for anatomy education

Author:Catherine HennessyPost date:13 July 2020

The more things change, the more they remain the same

Our Chief Executive Allan Marriott-Smith takes a look back over the last decade of the HTA.

Author:Allan Marriott-SmithPost date:05 February 2020

Cheese sandwiches and kidneys: The role of an Independent Assessor

Sue Taylor, and Independent Assessor, explains how her role helps ensure living organ donors give informed consent to the procedure.

Author:Sue TaylorPost date:27 November 2019

Managing Authority

Our Authority Member, Stuart Dollow, shares a glimpse into the oversight our Board has for the wide range of work across the HTA’s operational sectors.

Author:Dr Stuart DollowPost date:24 September 2019

Organ donation: Lessons from Wales

Mike Stephens, Consultant Transplant and Organ Retrieval Surgeon at the University Hospital of Wales reflects on his experience in Wales’ move to an ‘opt-out’ system of organ donation and what lessons can be drawn from it.

Author:Mike StephensPost date:28 August 2019

The God of Small Things…

Our Head of Communications Mat Silk explains how the little things can be so important when dealing with human tissue and remains.

Author:Matthew SilkPost date:30 July 2019

Eight things you should consider before setting up a biobank

Professor Andy Hall, a member of our board, explains what needs to be considered before setting up a biobank.

Author:Professor Andy HallPost date:27 June 2019

The Human Tissue Authority - A Matter of Life and Death

I generally cite this Powell and Pressburger / Archer Films classic (starring the wonderful David Niven) as my favourite film. But this isn’t a film review, so why mention it here? Let’s see.

Author:Nicolette HarrisonPost date:29 May 2019