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What We Do

The HTA communications team look after media and stakeholder relations, public engagement and internal and digital communications for the organisation. We can provide advice and guidance for any stories journalists may be running or planning to run, that are relevant to the HTA's work in ensuring human tissue and organs are stored and used safely and ethically. 

We can provide expert speakers and comment to outline the role of the HTA, and what we expect of our licensed establishments. Our two primary aims as a team are to ensure public confidence in the system and to provide the public with the information they need to make an informed choice regarding the use of their tissue and organs. 

The HTA's regulatory scope covers a wide range of activities, such as:

  • The use of human tissue and cells to treat patients with particular medical conditions;
  • Transplantation for people whose organs have failed;
  • Treating patients who have blood disorders like leukaemia with stem cells;
  • Storing tissue, such as cord blood or dental pulp, for future medical use;
  • Researching causes and treatments for illnesses, such as cancer or diseases of the brain and nervous system;
  • Using donated bodies to teach medical students about the body and training to develop the skills of a surgeon;
  • Displaying anatomical specimens under 100 years old in public, for example in exhibitions or museums; or
  • Finding out through a post-mortem examination why someone has died, including examining their organs and tissue to determine the cause of death.

If you want to know more about how we regulate the removal, storage and use of human tissue and organs, please see the About us page on our website, or ask us a question via our online enquiries form.

Meet the Team

           Jack Briggs
           Digital Communications Manager

           Maria-Paulina Socarras
           Stakeholder Engagement Manager

           Matthew Silk
           Head of Communications

           Roshana Amiri 
           Policy and Communications Officer

If you are a journalist with a media enquiry or a speaker/interview request, please:

  • Call the communications team on:
    • 020 7269 1912 (Mon - Fri, 9 - 5), or
    • 020 7269 1914 (out of hours)
  • Email the team at media[@]hta[dot]gov[dot]uk, or
  • Submit an enquiry via our webform

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week out of hours for any urgent and emergency enquiries.

If you have a more general website enquiry, you can contact us via this webform, or call the HTA on: 020 7269 1900

Filming Guidance

We have created these helpful guides for journalists and programme-makers who might be filming or taking photographs of activities that we regulate or that take place on HTA-licensed premises:

As the guidelines explain, the creation of images falls outside of the scope of the Human Tissue Act, but we hope that these offer useful advice on maintaining anonymity, privacy, dignity, and ensuring consent is sought as appropriate.


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Last updated on: 6 Jun 2020