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BBC Three have aired a televised post mortem, September 2017

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13 September 2016

Obesity: The Post Mortem - BBC 3 Documentary Featuring a Post Mortem Examination

Aired date: Tuesday 13 September

HTA had been advising a TV production company who were making – and have now made - a documentary for the BBC on the impact that obesity can have on one’s health. The focus of the programme was on what happens inside the body and out of sight, and so they used a post-mortem examination to highlight the effect of obesity on a body’s vital organs.

The programme was aimed at a young audience, and included talking to teenagers about their own health issues – the aim was to educate and encourage debate.

Our Head of Regulation at the time, Caroline Browne, who was responsible for the Post-Mortem and Public Display sectors, had been involved in advising the production company on our role as the regulator, and on how best to maintain the privacy and dignity of the deceased.

You can read Caroline's blog on the HTA's involvement with the programme here - Obesity: The Post Mortem - Caring for our dead; looking after ourselves

You can watch the programme on BBC iPlayer here. You can also find a 'Behind the Scenes' clip featuring an interview with Caroline Browne here

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