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'Body Donors' documentary on Channel 5

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07 October 2015

HTA welcomed the ‘sensitive and realistic accounts’ of body donation shown in the Channel 5 series ‘Body Donors’, broadcast at 9pm on the 29 Sep and 6 October 2015. The two episodes followed two people who had decided to donate their bodies to enable medical training, both before and after their deaths. 

As the regulator for human tissue and organs, the HTA licenses establishments in the anatomy sector to provide assurances to the public that bodies or tissue from the deceased are given with proper consent, and are used appropriately. 

Christopher Birkett, Head of Regulation at the HTA said: “The documentary series ‘Body Donors’ gave sensitive and realistic accounts of two people who had decided to make the generous gift of body donation. It showed the careful and thoughtful approaches taken by the professionals involved in the final journeys of donors. There is a well-embedded culture of dignity and respect for body donation in the UK, and an effective regulatory framework.” 

The HTA provides information about body donation, including information about HTA-licensed medical schools on its website.


  • Further information about body donation can be found on the HTA’s website. You can also find your nearest HTA-licensed medical school
  • Information about regulation in Scotland is provided by Health Scotland.
  • Potential donors are required to give their written and witnessed consent if they would like to donate their bodies for teaching purposes.


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Last updated on: 14 Oct 2015