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How to ensure our messages reach your inbox

Issue date: 
03 November 2017

It is important to us to be able to contact our licensed establishments by email. We have noticed that a number of those we are trying to reach are not reading important messages from HTA accounts.

This may be due to an establishment’s IT department or Internet service provider (ISP) blocking our emails, mistaking them for spam.

To ensure that you receive our newsletters, important messages, and updates from us, please contact your IT department or ISP and ask them to add our domain, ‘’ to your whitelist, safe, or permitted email sender list.

We also advise that you make sure the contact details we have for you are up to date. Otherwise, you can supply us with an alternative email address that we can use.

To update your contact details, please email our licensing team. For any other queries, please email us or call 0207 269 1900.

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Last updated on: 6 Nov 2017