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The HTA publishes its Strategy 2020-23 and annual Business Plan for 2020/21

Issue date: 
13 November 2020

The HTA has published its three-year Strategy 2020-23 and annual Business Plan for 2020/21. The Strategy sets out a longer-term view of organisational priorities and activities that will support the ongoing delivery and development of effective regulation. The business plan sets out our priorities and objectives for the 2020/21 business year and the steps we will take to successfully achieving and delivering the Strategy.

Unlike in previous years, our Business Plan is being published half-way through the year. The urgent work we needed to carry out due to the COVID-19 pandemic meant that we had to review our priorities for the first half of this year and also how we would continue to deliver our strategic objectives and regulatory activity in 2020/21.  

As with many organisations in the healthcare sector, the pandemic has meant that we have also had to look at how we need to adapt our approach to ensure that we continue to deliver our services in the changing environment. In our Strategy, we have identified priority areas of work and our strategic vision that we will progress in the remainder of 2020-23. It underpins our goal to be a more targeted, data driven and collaborative regulator.

Read our Business Plan 2020/21

Read our Strategy 2020-23

Last updated on: 13 Nov 2020