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See our latest inspection reports

Issue date: 
17 October 2017

The HTA has made it easier for you to see our latest inspection reports.

While each HTA establishment page shows the recent reports for that establishment only, our new page shows reports for all establishments in one place, with our most recent inspections at the top of the list.

This feature should make it easier to keep up with the work of the HTA and find the latest HTA report for an organisation you are interested in.

You can also search for reports by establishment, sort and filter the results by sector and inspection date, and download all the most recent reports in one convenient file.

Why do we carry out inspections?

The Human Tissue Authority (HTA) regulates organisations that remove, store, and use human bodies and tissues for certain purposes. Our goal is to maintain public confidence that human tissue and organs are used safely, ethically, and with proper consent.

We license more than 800 organisations across six regulated sectors in the UK. We set standards on all aspects of practice and make sure that our licensed establishments operate to these standards. In order to make sure this happens, every organisation must nominate a person who will supervise the activities for which they are licensed, known as a Designated Individual (DI).

We carry out inspections to assess if the DI is suitable to supervise the activities covered by their licence. Visiting establishments is an important part of our inspection process. It gives us an opportunity to talk to DIs and staff, view premises and facilities, and review their policies and procedures. After every site visit inspection, we write a report documenting our findings. Our reports set out the good practice we find, as well as any concerns we have. We clearly set out any evidence about breaches of regulations. We also make recommendations to help the organisation improve on any areas of underperformance.

More information about the HTA’s inspection process can be found here.

If you have any comments or questions on the new inspection report page, please contact us.

Last updated on: 9 Jan 2018